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Wedding dress inspiration – our guide to finding THE dress

If you’re opening this blog post thinking, what do a pair of photographers know about wedding dress designers, then you are 100% correct. We know nothing. We married in 2019, so our knowledge of dress designers ends with the name of the designer that I chose to create my own wedding dress. 

We do however know weddings, and with 160+ weddings under our belt, we feel we’re in a good position to give some insight, or at the very least a spot of wedding dress inspiration. So here’s our guide to finding THE dress

To date, about 95% of our weddings have involved at least one wedding dress and in some cases two wedding dresses! So where our wedding dress designer knowledge is a little shoddy, we make up for it with galleries of incredible wedding dresses to feast your eyes on.

Here are our very favourite dresses from the past few years. And we have thrown in our (photographers point of view) top tips to saying ‘yes’ to that dream wedding dress.

bohemian wedding dress inspiration


The best starting place for any aspect of your wedding planning. Create a secret board and start pinning all the wedding dresses in sight that you love. It can be intimidating at first as there are so many different styles out there, but this is a great way to source some inspiration and to start spotting the similarities between the dresses you pin.

beaded wedding dress
wedding dress trends 2020
pink wedding dress rose gold
relaxed wedding dress inspiration
backless beaded wedding dress


It may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, but movability is essential! 

By now, we’re sure that you’re acquainted with all those epic wedding day photographs of couples in far out locations, hiking mountains, getting off the beaten track and strolling barefoot on tropical shores. Even weddings closer to home showcase couples partying the night away at their festival style parties and barn dances. Trust us when we say that these are all only doable when the dress is movable. 

Start thinking of a dress that showcases your style, makes you feel beautiful but also allows you to live your dream wedding to it’s very fullest. Restrictive dresses are a thing of the past, you need to feel a million dollars in your dress and be able to move in it.

beaded wedding dress ideas
strappy wedding dress
dream wedding dress
woodland wedding dress ideas
modern wedding dress inspiration


Very similar to movability and almost equally as important, is comfort. Though you don’t want the first words that come out of your mouth when you try on a wedding dress to be ‘this is practical’, you do want the thought of comfort to cross your mind at some point.

Nowadays, most of us are not used to wearing what are essentially ball gowns in our everyday lives. So when you try on your dress walk in it, sit in it, twist and maybe even attempt to twerk in it.

Carefully consider the tightness of a strapless top (you don’t want to be pulling it up all day), consider how comfortable you feel in the length, consider the potential weather on your wedding day in line with the thickness, layers and sleeves and consider the waist tightness too. Forget any size that is going to restrict how much wedding buffet you can eat!

creative bride floral wedding dress inspiration
dream wedding dress inspiration
wedding dress inspiration
beach wedding dress inspiration
individual wedding dress ideas


It’s important to consider your wedding day before you start dress shopping. The venue, the time of year you plan to marry and whether you dream of a daytime or evening wedding. Do you see yourself partying the night away, in a statement beaded Hollywood glam wedding dress or rocking a bohemian beach goddess dress? 

Having a good idea of your wedding day vibe will help you choose a dress that works with your backdrop.

church wedding dress cathedral veil ideas
the dream wedding dress
boho outdoor woodland wedding dress
backless boho wedding dress
farm wedding dress ideas


Think roughly about your accessories too. You may already know that you 100% want to wear a flower crown, so you will need a dress that accompanies that. Same goes for a veil and your shoes. Do you dream of getting married in your cowboy boots, converse or Jimmy’s? Is there a chance that you will wear your heels through the day and then change to sandals in the evening when the party kicks in? If so then a shorter length dress could be your answer. 

And don’t forget to consider colour and patterns too, think outside the box and push for a dress that showcases your personality.

floral wedding dress inspiration
rock and roll bride wedding dress
short lace wedding dress ideas
unique wedding dress ideas
creative wedding dress ideas

You do you

You need to choose a wedding dress that suits you. Though it sounds like an obvious statement, it is so easy to get sucked into thinking that you must have that lace wedding dress that you have been dreaming of for years. But when you try on that dress, the lace swamps you or doesn’t flatter your figure. Be honest to yourself and be flexible.

Think outside the box and let the stylist suggest some dresses to you, remember they have done this alot and they know what they’re talking about!

Keep looking and don’t panic. Start your search early and enjoy visiting the different shops. There are so many dress suppliers and designers out there, that you will find that perfect dress. Consider custom made dresses too, they may not be as expensive as you initially think.

And above all, enjoy yourself. Find a dress that flatters you, showcases your personality and allows you to be comfortable, relaxed and YOU on your wedding day.

individual lace wedding dress
beaded wedding dress hollywood style
skirt and top wedding dress
backless wedding dress outdoor wedding
strapped beaded wedding dress inspiration

Where to start?

We hope that our guide to finding THE dress has given you a little insight into choosing your dream dress and, if nothing else, that the images have given you a bit of wedding dress inspiration.

All the wedding dresses and designers featured on this page can be found below.

Rue De Seine

Justin Alexander Signature

Hayley Paige

Emma Beaumont

Jean Jackson Couture

Watters Bridal

Swarbricks Bridalwear 

Stela York

Crystal Design Couture

adventurous bride wedding dress

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