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Best of 2022

Happy New Year!

Three weeks into January isn’t too late to be recapping 2022 is it? Hmmm, perhaps.

The truth is, it’s taken us SO long to choose our favourite images from the 24 beautiful weddings that we photographed last year, that it’s taken us until week 3 to get it all collated together!

But here we are, 24 weddings condensed into 100ish photos. Every time we look at this collection we choose new images to add in and we’re pretty sure that we’ve missed some absolute corkers. Nevertheless, we need to click the ‘go live’ button at some point, so keep scrolling for our very favourite images from 2022.

Brides designer shoes showing as she is upside down in a vintage car at The Grange in Hampshire

Starting with a storm!

We kicked off the year with Jen & Sandy’s blustery February wedding in Shropshire. ‘Blustery’ being the understatement of the year, as it was literally in the thick of storm Dudley / Ileen / Fergus (whatever storm they were on at the time). I‘ve a clear memory of making eye contact with the venue staff as the winds lifted the marquee cover a couple of inches from the floor and threatened to blow the whole thing away! We gulped, crossed our fingers and carried on. Thankfully, the super tight marquee ties held the thing in place and the noise of the wind was easily drowned out by the cheers, applause and howls of laughter at the couples wedding speeches. (A set of speeches that have secured a top spot for some of the best wedding speeches we’ve ever heard!)

A party to out do all other parties

Hallie & Tom helped to see off 2022 in style with their November wedding at the Tithe Barn in Bolton Abbey. The pair and their guests threw a party to out party all other parties!

Yorkshire, Shropshire, Hampshire & Marrakesh

In-between we were lucky enough to photograph at Danby Castle, the very same venue that we ourselves got married in! We photographed at the Courtyard Venue in Shropshire, a venue that we’ve been eyeing up for some time. We were treated to one heck of a wedding at The Grange in Hampshire (Look out for pink shoes & sunglasses below and you’ll know the one) and visited our forever favourite venue Middleton Lodge in Richmond. This year we were also super spoilt with our overseas adventures with a trip to Costa Rica & Marrakesh! The Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh truly stole the show for best wedding venue that we’ve ever stepped foot in. The fact that they dished up traditional Moroccan Tagine as a wedding meal did not sway our opinion at all! There’s more; lots of beautiful Yorkshire weddings and a good handful of outdoor weddings too!

Two brides embracing in a golden, sunset lit field

Thank you

All in all we had a cracking year! We wrapped up the year with huge smiles on our faces and far too many photographs to compile into this best of the year wrap up blog.

A HUGE thank you to all the suppliers we worked with and to the 24 couples who trusted us. We’ll be forever grateful to you for choosing us as your wedding photographers and for bringing all the smiles, laughs and generally just being wonderful. Our year literally wouldn’t have been the same without you!

2022, you will be a tough one to beat!

So, As the memory of 2022 is slipping into the past and the excitement of 2023 is starting to take centre stage, we thought that now would be a good time to do one final recap of the best of 2022 in celebration of the incredible year we’ve had! 

Newlywed couple under red floral trees in Marrakesh
Male wedding guest partying hard and being lifted up on friends shoulders
Stylish bride and groom laughing on their wedding day at The Grange in Hampshire
Couple walking towards the camera in afield in front of the sunset
Bride and Groom kissing at the end of the aisle
Black and White photograph of a Groom getting ready for his wedding day
Wedding photograph of Bride and Groom in low light under a sea of festoon lights
Hands forming a heart shape close to the camera, framing the Bride and Groom in the distance
Bride and Groom having confetti thrown at them
Bride dressed in Grace Loves Lace wedding dress embracing her Groom at the Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh
Documentary wedding photograph of a Bride and Groom walking away from the camera into a field
Bride smiling on her wedding dance-floor
Natural photograph of a creative couple on their wedding day spending time together
Fun wedding photograph of wedding guest partying
Documentary style close up photograph of a wedding guest hugging the Groom
Children running alongside a vintage car with the Bride and Groom in
Confetti canons being used during the wedding first dance
Bride and Groom walking toward the camera with The grange in Hampshire in the background
Dad celebrating during his father of the bride speech
Natural photograph of a Bride and groom walking in-amongst their guests
Bride and Groom at the end of the aisle in The Beldi Country Club greenhouse wedding venue, Marrakesh
Groom being lifted up on a chair on the wedding dance-floor
Wedding photograph of a couple walking aways from the camera into the sunset
Groom lifting his Bride up in front of the sunset
Black and white photograph of a wedding guest dancing
Groom looking emotional during the wedding speeches
Couple on their wedding day laughing
Relaxed wedding photograph of Bride and Groom laughing
Wedding guests partying hard at The Sun Pavilion in Harrogate
Black and White wedding photograph of Groomsmen infront of The Tithe barn, Bolton Abbey
Rock and Roll stylish couple on their wedding day on a vintage chair wearing sunglasses
Bride and groom dancing on an abandoned tennis court infront of a large rhododendron bush
Groom singing into a microphone
Wedding photography portrait of Bride and Groom
Black and White photograph of a wild wedding dance-floor
Close up photograph of the bride hugging a wedding guest
Best of 2022 documentary wedding photography of the dance-floor
Creative photograph of Bride getting ready in strong shadow and light
Newlyweds exiting church dressed in wedding gown and Coastguard uniform
Looking in at a wedding through an arched doorway in the Beldi Country Club In Marrakesh
Documentary style Black and white image of a Bride hugging a guest
Bride and Groom walking toward the camera in a storm of confetti
Bride and Groom with smoke bombs in the Yorkshire Dales
Award winning image of three bridesmaids battling the wind with their emerald dresses
Best of 2022 wedding dance-floor moments
Two brides cuddling and laughing in a golden field at sunset
Couple kissing under the Danby Castle ruins
Fire breather putting on a show at a wedding in Marrakesh
Landscape photograph of the sunset with Bride and Groom walking into the distance
Bride and Groom under strings of festoon lights holding cocktails
Autumn colours wedding photograph of newlyweds outside a church
Bride and Groom laughing during mother of the bride speech in Shropshire
Best of 2022 stylish wedding at The Grange in Hampshire
Standing ovation for the best man after his speech
Wedding photograph of newlyweds kissing under a sandy archway in Marrakesh
Wild wedding party
Natural photograph of the Bride and Groom walking towards the camera in Yorkshire
Natural portrait photograph of a bride and groom on their wedding day
Stylish Bride & Groom walking towards the camera at Middleton Lodge
Natural photograph of a Bride and her bridesmaids in designer dresses laughing with one another
Black and White photograph of a man stealing the last mini burger canape
Best of 2022 bride and groom partying hard
Huge smiles fromt he bride and groom as they walk through their confetti tunnel
Outdoor wedding speeches in front of a bold abandoned building
Bride walking down the stairs in Ripley Castle
Bride and Groom entering the room to all the guests cheering
Romantic photograph of bride and groom in front of a grand castle stained glass window
Father of the bride crying during the wedding speeches
Bride and Groom during golden hour
Bride and Groom on wedding guests shoulders on the dance-floor
Bride and Groom dncing under a giant cactus in Marrakesh
Vintage bus full of wedding guests
Best of 2022 the wedding dance-floor
Luxurious wedding reception set up at the Grange in Hampshire
Couple walking toward the camera through the woods at sunset
Father of the Bride seeing his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time
Candid wedding photograph of a wedding guest with three tequilas in her hands
Best of 2022 image taken from a destination wedding in Marrakesh
Best man hides head laughing during wedding speeches
Father of the bride doing the limbo under the brass bands instruments
Black and white image of a Bride about to throw her bouquet
Groom hugging Bride during wedding speeches
Bride and groom together in the clearing of some trees
Shutter drag image of two guests dancing at a wedding
Bride and groom in-amongst their wedding tables at the Atrium in Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Bride and Groom wearing sunglasses walking toward the camera smiling
Groom drinking out of a shoe during a lively set of wedding speeches
Close up photograph of a newlywed couple in an intimate embrace
Artistic black and white image of a bride walking and her Groom carrying the train of her dress
Bride, Groom and guests with sparklers
All the wedding guests waving their napkins, cheering and standing on their chairs welcoming the couple into the room
Couple enjoying their first kiss as newlyweds inside the Beldi Country Club greenhouse venue
Wild wedding dance-floor photography
Couple cuddling each other as the sun sets behind them
Bride and Groom walking under a shower of confetti thrown by their guests
Italian wedding decor inside a traditional white washed wall barn
Groom on his guests shoulders on the wedding dance-floor
Bride and Groom stood in front of a wall of fairy lights and their rustic barn wedding table set up
Black and white image of the Groom smoking a cigar
Bride and Groom walking back down the aisle of their outdoor, Moroccan style wedding ceremony
Relaxed group photograph of the Bridesmaids and Ushers walking toward the camera, chatting and laughing
Fun photograph of wedding guests on the dance-floor spinning around
Funny photograph of a small child looking up someones skirt at a wedding
Wes Anderson inspired artistic group photograph at The grange in Hampshire
Bride and Groom laughing and hugging in front of a wall of green at Middleton Lodge
Couples saying their vows to each other in a green house ceremony at the Beldi Country Club, Marrakesh
Black and white, close up image of the bride and groom dancing wildly with a feather boa
Evening photograph of the Bride and Groom under strings of festoon lights

If you made it to the end of that without your finger dropping off from all the scrolling, thank you for sticking around!! Head on over to our wedding photography page to see our favourite images of all time.