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2018 Wedding Photography Highlights

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2018 Wedding Photography Highlights

Just like that, we find ourselves delivering the last of this years wedding albums, laying our cameras down to bed and putting our feet up ready to welcome the New Year in with style. It is with overly stuffed bellies, a Whisky in Lee’s hand and an Amaretto in my own, that we sit back and reflect on the epic’ness of 2018. Wow, what an incredible year it has been!

We kick off this years highlights with a photograph that has gone down in both of our all time favourites as, hands down, our favourite EVER blurry photo. Robecca & Tom, thank you for bringing us this moment!

The rest of the year was thankfully a little less blurry 🙂

Here is a collection of our highlights from a year that has easily been our busiest to date. It has thrown the craziest weather at us, shown us the biggest wedding parties, it has been our most exciting, adventurous and inspiring.

2018, you have taught us, rewarded us, chewed us up a little and have spit us out the other end feeling very fortunate and very ready for a spot of relaxation.

A humongous thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our 2018 couples. It is thanks to you guys that we have had such an amazing and memorable year.

And a big shout out to our 2019 couples, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year everyone, we hope that you have the most relaxing and enjoyable time. We will see you in 2019!

Love, Abbie & Lee xx

Falling Foss, Woodland Wedding, Whitby, UK – Liam & Natalie

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Falling Foss, Woodland Wedding, Whitby – Liam & Natalie

Time to dust off our blogging gloves, AGAIN, that ‘blog regularly’ rhythm is hard to get in the swing of.

Anyway, as we sit here in post-production we find ourselves looking at a woodland wedding which screams, ‘make a blog out of me, I need a page of my own, tell everyone about me!’ and so here we are.

It is safe to say that Liam and Natalie have been our number one fans since they booked us to photograph their wedding back in 2016. Any Facebook post, any Instagram post, they have been there, waving their flags and supporting us. In fact, we have grown so used to it guys that we may need to bribe you to keep it up; a slice of cake, a bottle of red berry Bulmers, name your price.

It is also safe to say that all the flattery secured a soft spot for them in our hearts (flattery gets you everywhere!) So when their big day arrived, after what felt like the longest wait, our excitement was through the roof.

Falling Foss Tea Gardens was the venue of choice for these two love birds. A bittersweet twist in the plot as it was our very first time photographing at this stunning venue and it will be our very last as they are closing their wedding venue doors and focusing all their energies on their picture perfect tea gardens.

An excited buzz filled the woodland air, the sun was out (a relief for any outdoor wedding) and the decorations were in place. The venue were ready for their big blowout last ever wedding, the guests were ready for a big blowout day drinking, eating and partying and we were ready for a big blowout woodland wedding. All we needed now was the bride.

Hushed tones swept over the forest floor and the music started up, she was here.

Tears, laughter, confetti, romance, Bulmers, cake, more laughter, flowers, football chanting, food, food more food, more drink, polaroid photographs, one very special wooden barrel, bare feet, an insane dress, a murder on the dance floor (wait for the photographs), Jeeps, Jager shots, picnic benches, waistcoats, woodland walks, cheese, more laughter and Michael Jackson filled the next 9 hours. A blow out that exceeded all blowouts.

Wow, Liam and Natalie, WHAT A WEDDING. Thank you for inviting us to be  a part of your special day, we had an absolute blast! We will be going forward promoting outdoor woodland weddings to anyone who will listen. It has been a tough job whittling this collection down, but here we have it, here is a sneak peek at our very favourite images from your wedding day.

Great John Street Hotel, Manchester, UK – Danny & Sarah

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Great John Street Hotel, Manchester, UK – Danny & Sarah

“From start to finish Abbie and Lee were amazing as our wedding photographers. I hate having my photo taken and my husband is known for his grumpiness! We are not your stereotypical lovey dovey couple but Abbie and Lee got some amazing shots which captured our relationship perfectly. From our rainy engagement shoot to the glorious sunshine of our February wedding. It was an extremely long day and, whilst they were such an important part of it, they also went unnoticed capturing candid shots. Many guests commented about how lovely our photographers were and we definitely both agree! It’s a big decision to trust a random pair of strangers to photograph your wedding day (& for a very reasonable price may I add!) but we are so glad we chose Abbie and Lee. Thank you so much! xx”

Sarah and Danny do everything together; from working together, to living together, to planning a wedding together so when we first met, they warned us that as the wedding stress was beginning to kick in, we may struggle to get lovey dovey smiley photos of them together.

They were wrong.

Arriving at the shoot, it would be fair to say that the pair were dubious. Their families had teased them about urban photography and how their backdrops would consist of power lines and metal railings rather than the more traditional green field, but it was clear from the offset, that this was a pair ready to push the boundaries of tradition. We chatted over their wedding plans, their takeaway flyer style invites, their record place names and their handmade wedding favours and as the bitingly cold weather drew in, so did the photo opportunities and those power station backdrops soon became pretty dramatic and exciting. We love an engagement shoot location with a lot of character! In fact, though he will never admit it, I think Danny quite enjoyed the shoot too!

The engagement shoot lead onto the wedding and very uncharacteristically for Manchester, the sun was out. Bright blue glorious skies welcomed the couple on their early February wedding day. Sarah’s preparations were a lively affair, there can be nothing more fun than getting all your best friends together to help you prepare for the day ahead, even when that does lead to the champagne top ricocheting off the low roof and spraying champagne all over floor, walls, TV and flowers. (Champagne scented bouquets yummy). The girls makeup was done by the brilliantly talented ‘Leanne Jackson Makeup’ and whilst Sarah and the girls pampered themselves, Danny and his best man welcomed guests downstairs in the hotel bar.

If you are looking for a stylish city centre wedding then ‘The Great John Street Hotel’ in Manchester is the hotel for you. The wedding space is decorated in a very modern, city chic style and the layout of the bar and dancefloor works brilliantly for a great wedding evening party. Then there is the roof terrace, in our opinion this is the hotels golden nugget. if you are lucky enough to catch it on a nice day then you are spoilt with brilliant views over the Manchester City centre skyline and if it is drizzly (in true Manchester style) then you still get brilliant city skyline views from under the heated parasols.

Sarah and Danny’s guests got to enjoy their afternoon drinks and canapes in the glorious sunshine on the roof terrace. A brilliant set of speeches followed, featuring the line ‘only Danny would pick a fight with the weather’ and a moment where Sarah had everyone (including the photographers) in tears. Then as the sun set over the city cobbles, the band kicked in and we were played into the night to the sound of the Beatles and Bowie.

Danny and Sarah were a dream; A couple who dreamt of photographs that captured the story of their day. Not too many posed formal photographs and were both happy to have a short stroll around the nearby streets of Manchester to get some cracking urban style photographs.

Here are some of our very favourites from their wedding day.

2017 Wedding photography highlights

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2017 Wedding Photography Highlights

Two thousand and seventeen, it’s a wrap, and what a year it has been!!

Firstly, let us say a humongous thank you to each and every couple who asked us to photograph their wedding, it is thanks to you guys that our year has been so AMAZING. We have followed you all over the UK to destinations including Manchester, London, Yorkshire and this year you even took us overseas to Italy! It’s been a crazy busy year to say the least, but boy, has it been enjoyable!

Secondly, we would like to thank our 2018 and 2019 couples in advance for saying yes and inviting us to photograph your weddings, we already cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.

Our 2017 wrap up comes in a little later than usual this year to allow for our late December wedding highlights and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s been a tough job whittling down our collection to just 100 images (so tough in fact, that we failed and had to stop whittling down at 108). So here we have it folks, here are our ‘108’ favourite moments and images from 2017, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

It is time for us to pack away the cameras for a couple of weeks, recharge their batteries and our own and see the New Year in with style.

Happy New Year everyone!

Villa del Balbianello Wedding, Lake Como, Italy – Dale & Gemma

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Villa del Balbianello Wedding, Lake Como, Italy – Dale & Gemma

August 2017, what a month! Shall we just head back there now and do it all again?

We awoke to a welcoming hazy sunrise, the sound of the crickets and the gentle rustle of the warm summer breeze. We opened the balcony shutters and were greeted with beautiful views over a lake and in the distance the magnificent, snow capped mountains.

Though it could be mistaken for one, it was not a dream. We were in Italy, and not just by any old lake. We were in Lake Como, waking up for the long awaited wedding of Gemma & Dale. From the beginning, this wedding had promised to be exceptional and it did not disappoint.

We met the happy couple the day before their wedding and took a boat ride over to their soon to be wedding venue; Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como. As the beaming sun shone down on our backs, we stepped off the water taxi and followed the weaving pathway up through the perfectly manicured gardens to the ceremony terrace, which showcased breathtaking views across Lake Como and into the distant mountains. We explored the buildings, the gardens, saw both James Bond and Star Wars film sets and hopped back onto our water taxi over to the mainland to join the couple and their guests for their arrival drinks party.

The wedding day arrived along with another day of glorious sunshine. We kept the girls with the girls and the guys with the guys. Myself and Maggie (from Strike A Pose Wedding Movies) met Gemma and her bridesmaids for their preparations whilst Lee and Allan set off to meet Dale and his Groomsmen for theirs.

When the time arrived, the whole wedding party hopped on boats and set off across the water to the wedding venue peninsular. Arrival to a wedding venue by boat was a new one for us and is definitely one that we would like to repeat! Gemma, her bridesmaids and her father followed shortly after on their own private wedding boat.

The long weaving pathway made for the ultimate bridal arrival, as the guests waited on the terrace the music piped up and Gemma made her entrance down the aisle with her father in arm.

The afternoon was celebrated with drinks and canapés in the summer sun and Gemma and Dale took a boat ride on the lake for some together time.

After food we enjoyed one hilarious set of wedding speeches. Truly hilarious!! and the evening kicked in as the sun set over the mountains in the distance.

Dale wanted to inject a little of his Irish heritage into the wedding, so the couple flew in their wedding band from Ireland. A lot has been said about the way that the Irish party and I think that night, was no exception – the Italian staff did not know what had hit them. 15 mins in we had shoes off and dancing, 30 mins in we had ties around heads and open shirts, 60 mins we had dancing on tables, using kitchenware as imaginary microphones and Irish jigs. It was certainly a night to remember (or to try and remember for those guest who drank a little too much of the Italian wine).

Here are a few of our favourites from the wedding of Dale & Gemma.

Middleton Lodge Wedding, Richmond, UK – Chris and Becci

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Middleton Lodge Wedding, Richmond, UK –  Chris and Becci


‘Yessss!’ was our reaction when we first met Becci and Chris and they told us that they were to be married at Middleton Lodge Hotel in Richmond, North Yorkshire. We had set our eyes on this brilliant venue at a previous wedding fayre visit, and we were eager to get going and photograph a wedding there. So when the, ‘we would love you to photograph our wedding’ call came, we were over the moon to say the least.

Chris and Becci’s wedding photography journey began with an engagement photoshoot, on a very blustery day in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Both myself and Lee went along to get to know the pair ahead of their wedding day and to put their minds at ease with the idea of being in front of the camera. We needn’t have worried, they were naturals! We bonded over our music tastes, laughing at their love for karaoke and our own terrified opinion of it and listening to their plans for their up and coming American honeymoon. The windy weather somewhat added to photoshoot, enabling us to capture a set of images that were lively, full of laughter, life and love.

Skip forward a few months and we find ourselves driving up the beautiful driveway of Middleton Lodge, on the most glorious summer day, ready to photograph an awesome wedding.

Lee set off to meet Chris and the guys for their preparations whilst I stayed with Becci and the girls. There was a quiet buzz of excitement in the air. The Middleton Lodge staff were busy preparing the decorations ready for the outdoor wedding ceremony, whilst the guests arrived and took their seats. Upstairs, the girls had a minor dress fault with Sarah’s zipper sticking (nothing that three sets of hands and a needle and thread couldn’t sort) but it made for a good photograph and they weren’t about to let anything dampen their excitement.

The ceremony went ahead outdoors and the guests spent the afternoon mingling and enjoying the canapes in the baking summer sun (a rare occurrence with our typical English summers!) The wedding breakfast was served in the venues wedding marquee and the evening celebrations that followed, took place in the circular central room back in the main house of Middleton Lodge.

After a set of hilarious speeches it was time to hit the karaoke band dance floor, and did they! We drove off at the end of the evening with the sound of the bride and groom and their guests, ‘tuneful’ karaoke voices belting out their favourite tracks.

Here are some of our favourites from the wedding of Becci & Chris.

Abbie & Lee x

Yorkshire Wedding Barn Wedding, Richmond, UK – Raj & Kate

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Yorkshire Wedding Barn Wedding, Richmond, UK – Raj & Kate


What can we say about the Yorkshire Wedding Barn in Richmond? If you haven’t been there yet and are looking for a wedding venue then go. Go right away and check it out! It is the perfect venue for the couple looking for a bit of charm mixed with a bit of rustic. The stone barn itself, brings something a little different to the more traditional manor house style wedding, yet it is still very neat and not too far down the ‘homemade look’ lane. The Yorkshire Wedding barn is nestled deep in the Yorkshire Dales near Richmond, with unspoilt views across the rolling green fields and hills. I don’t think we need question why Raj and Kate chose to marry here in spring, earlier this year.

With six bridesmaids, a male-maid and the father of the bride, Kate had a small army helping her get ready and walking her down the aisle that morning. Raj, not to be outshone, had his own four groomsmen at hand along with a large army of family members.

The wedding day couldn’t have run more smoothly. The couple were lucky enough to get married outdoors under The Yorkshire Wedding barn’s own stretch marquee. A confetti storm followed and then drinks and canapes were enjoyed outdoors under the terrace.

The speeches deserve a special mention at this wedding, as they were truly brilliant. Just the right balance of humour, facts and heartfelt topics from all of the speakers. If we had to pick, it was the best man who stole the show. He told stories of his best friend, the Groom, being absolutely brilliant at everything that he put his hands too and outshining the poor best man in almost every area. Including representing Great Britain at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the badminton Men’s Singles! (Sorry Raj, couldn’t let this blog post pass without raving about this achievement).

The evening celebrations began with a traditional first dance followed by a mix of lively well known songs that got everyone on their feet, including the elderly relatives. Then the contrast hit and the band switched it up into a punjabi party which lifted the roof. There was not a single person sitting! Guests changed into the traditional punjabi dress and the Bride and Groom had a dress change too. We even got our dancing shoes on!

The photos speak for themselves for this spring Yorkshire Barn wedding, here are some of our favourites from the wedding of Raj & Kate.

Abbie & Lee x