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Wedding Dress Inspiration

By Wedding Photography

Wedding dress inspiration – our guide to finding THE dress

If you’re opening this blog post thinking, what do a pair of photographers know about wedding dress designers, then you are 100% correct. We know nothing. We married in 2019, so our knowledge of dress designers ends with the name of the designer that I chose to create my own wedding dress. 

We do however know weddings, and with 160+ weddings under our belt, we feel we’re in a good position to give some insight, or at the very least a spot of wedding dress inspiration. So here’s our guide to finding THE dress

To date, about 95% of our weddings have involved at least one wedding dress and in some cases two wedding dresses! So where our wedding dress designer knowledge is a little shoddy, we make up for it with galleries of incredible wedding dresses to feast your eyes on.

Here are our very favourite dresses from the past few years. And we have thrown in our (photographers point of view) top tips to saying ‘yes’ to that dream wedding dress.

bohemian wedding dress inspiration


The best starting place for any aspect of your wedding planning. Create a secret board and start pinning all the wedding dresses in sight that you love. It can be intimidating at first as there are so many different styles out there, but this is a great way to source some inspiration and to start spotting the similarities between the dresses you pin.

beaded wedding dress
wedding dress trends 2020
pink wedding dress rose gold
relaxed wedding dress inspiration
backless beaded wedding dress


It may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, but movability is essential! 

By now, we’re sure that you’re acquainted with all those epic wedding day photographs of couples in far out locations, hiking mountains, getting off the beaten track and strolling barefoot on tropical shores. Even weddings closer to home showcase couples partying the night away at their festival style parties and barn dances. Trust us when we say that these are all only doable when the dress is movable. 

Start thinking of a dress that showcases your style, makes you feel beautiful but also allows you to live your dream wedding to it’s very fullest. Restrictive dresses are a thing of the past, you need to feel a million dollars in your dress and be able to move in it.

beaded wedding dress ideas
strappy wedding dress
dream wedding dress
woodland wedding dress ideas
modern wedding dress inspiration


Very similar to movability and almost equally as important, is comfort. Though you don’t want the first words that come out of your mouth when you try on a wedding dress to be ‘this is practical’, you do want the thought of comfort to cross your mind at some point.

Nowadays, most of us are not used to wearing what are essentially ball gowns in our everyday lives. So when you try on your dress walk in it, sit in it, twist and maybe even attempt to twerk in it.

Carefully consider the tightness of a strapless top (you don’t want to be pulling it up all day), consider how comfortable you feel in the length, consider the potential weather on your wedding day in line with the thickness, layers and sleeves and consider the waist tightness too. Forget any size that is going to restrict how much wedding buffet you can eat!

creative bride floral wedding dress inspiration
dream wedding dress inspiration
wedding dress inspiration
beach wedding dress inspiration
individual wedding dress ideas


It’s important to consider your wedding day before you start dress shopping. The venue, the time of year you plan to marry and whether you dream of a daytime or evening wedding. Do you see yourself partying the night away, in a statement beaded Hollywood glam wedding dress or rocking a bohemian beach goddess dress? 

Having a good idea of your wedding day vibe will help you choose a dress that works with your backdrop.

church wedding dress cathedral veil ideas
the dream wedding dress
boho outdoor woodland wedding dress
backless boho wedding dress
farm wedding dress ideas


Think roughly about your accessories too. You may already know that you 100% want to wear a flower crown, so you will need a dress that accompanies that. Same goes for a veil and your shoes. Do you dream of getting married in your cowboy boots, converse or Jimmy’s? Is there a chance that you will wear your heels through the day and then change to sandals in the evening when the party kicks in? If so then a shorter length dress could be your answer. 

And don’t forget to consider colour and patterns too, think outside the box and push for a dress that showcases your personality.

floral wedding dress inspiration
rock and roll bride wedding dress
short lace wedding dress ideas
unique wedding dress ideas
creative wedding dress ideas

You do you

You need to choose a wedding dress that suits you. Though it sounds like an obvious statement, it is so easy to get sucked into thinking that you must have that lace wedding dress that you have been dreaming of for years. But when you try on that dress, the lace swamps you or doesn’t flatter your figure. Be honest to yourself and be flexible.

Think outside the box and let the stylist suggest some dresses to you, remember they have done this alot and they know what they’re talking about!

Keep looking and don’t panic. Start your search early and enjoy visiting the different shops. There are so many dress suppliers and designers out there, that you will find that perfect dress. Consider custom made dresses too, they may not be as expensive as you initially think.

And above all, enjoy yourself. Find a dress that flatters you, showcases your personality and allows you to be comfortable, relaxed and YOU on your wedding day.

individual lace wedding dress
beaded wedding dress hollywood style
skirt and top wedding dress
backless wedding dress outdoor wedding
strapped beaded wedding dress inspiration

Where to start?

We hope that our guide to finding THE dress has given you a little insight into choosing your dream dress and, if nothing else, that the images have given you a bit of wedding dress inspiration.

All the wedding dresses and designers featured on this page can be found below.

Rue De Seine

Justin Alexander Signature

Hayley Paige

Emma Beaumont

Jean Jackson Couture

Watters Bridal

Swarbricks Bridalwear 

Stela York

Crystal Design Couture

adventurous bride wedding dress

Have you considered an outdoor celebration for your wedding? Take a look at our blog showcasing some idyllic outdoor wedding ceremonies that we have had the pleasure of photographing. 

back garden wedding ceremony summer

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

By Wedding Photography

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

There is something so effortlessly romantic about Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies.

An outdoor wedding is so much more than just marrying outdoors. It’s versatile, adventurous and it pushes the boundaries of wedding traditions. The delicate backdrop of birds happily tweeting, the gentle warm breeze, the blank canvas with free range to be as creative as you wish, the wildflower and freshly cut grass scent, the excited buzz from wedding guests at the BBQ food, summer cocktails and the promise of an incredible party.

back garden wedding ceremony summer

Say ‘I do’ in the open air

If you hadn’t guessed already, we are huge fans of outdoor wedding ceremonies and outdoor wedding parties. They get our creative juices flowing like no other.

We have had the privilege of photographing some amazing outdoor weddings over the years. We’ve enjoyed Scottish elopements in the mountains and on the Scottish shores. We have attended a collection of creative farm weddings with homemade bunting, homemade food, tractors and wellies. There have been incredible back garden marquees with handcrafted wedding favours and insane views. At times, we have rolled up our trousers and felt the sand beneath our feet at bohemian outdoor beach weddings. We’ve partied into the early hours at festival weddings and we have become truly immersed in nature with a collection of forest and woodland weddings.

We have also been lucky enough to experience the new wave of wedding venues venturing into the great outdoors and offering the option of an indoor and/or outdoor wedding ceremony. With Crayke Manor, Camp Katur, The Yorkshire Wedding Barn and Fforest Weddings stealing our UK top spots at the moment.

Regardless of the weather

Ok, so the UK weather doesn’t always lend itself to outdoor weddings, but that’s the beauty of it! To date, one of our most memorable weddings, was a wedding which took place in the pouring rain. The outdoor ceremony unfortunately had to be brought under the shelter of the barn, but the rest of the day continued as planned. With canapés under umbrellas, outdoor wedding speeches and early evening dancing in the rain. The Bride, Groom and guests at the wedding embraced the weather, went with it and it was incredible! If you’re nervous about the weather, our top tip would be to make sure that you have a plan B. Find yourself a little somewhere that you can shelter if worst should come to worst. It doesn’t need to be grand, just spacious enough to seat your guests. A marquee, a tipi or a nearby barn structure are all perfect plan B’s.

Another beautiful selling point of an outdoor wedding, is that you could choose to marry somewhere with sentimental value. It could be the place you met or the place you enjoyed your first date. You could even search for some sunnier weather where you first holidayed together,  and host an outdoor destination wedding.

Get adventurous

If you love nature and being outdoors like we do, then why not give an outdoor wedding a thought. Get adventurous and push the wedding boundaries, research camping weddings, garden weddings and tipi weddings. Consider elopements, festival weddings and open air barn weddings. Start by asking yourself, what do you love to do in the great outdoors and get creative from there. With outdoor weddings, the world really is your oyster.

Here is a collection of photographs from some of our favourite outdoor weddings from the past few years.

outdoor wedding photography York
rustic woodland forest wedding photography
back garden wedding Yorkshire
Wedding photography Villa del Balbianello
Falling Foss forest wedding photography
seaside wedding Yorkshire
rustic wedding decor marquee
rustic decorations marquee wedding photography Yorkshire
outdoor boho woodland forest wedding photography
Villa del Balbianello wedding
laid back country marquee wedding photography Yorkshire
brides arrival adventurous couples photography
stretch marquee garden wedding
outdoor back garden wedding photography
tropical wedding confetti
adventure wedding photography Yorkshire
wedding guests outdoor speeches photography
wedding guests outdoor ceremony
brides arrival photography Villa del Balbianello
stretch marquee wedding dance-floor photography
Australian themed wedding decor tropical
boho bride wedding photography
woodland wedding photography
outdoor wedding table decorations marquee
back garden wedding summer photography
groom outdoor garden wedding speeches marquee
woodland wedding photographer canapés
outdoor boho wedding party photography
Destination wedding photographer Scotland beach
Italy destination wedding photographer Villa del Balbianello
Villa del Balbianello wedding photography

Peter and Fiona celebrated their wedding ceremony in the great outdoors and partied the night away under the stars. Take a look at their full wedding story for a great bit of outdoor wedding inspiration. Peter & Fiona’s Crayke Manor Wedding.

2019 Wedding Photography Highlights

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2019 Wedding photography highlights

Blimey! How is it the 23rd December already? It seems like just yesterday that we were rounding up 2018, yet here we are again, creating our 2019 wedding photography highlights blog and looking back on this roadrunner of a year, thinking ‘wow, what a year that was!’.

We too became newlyweds!

2019 brought us new lenses, new adventures, new USB and prints products, new friends, new venues and the new title of ‘newlyweds!’. Yayyy, this year we too got married. It’s been a bonkers year, from celebrating our own wedding, to helicopter rides, photoshoots with cows, brass band conga lines to Russian Rakia drinking games. We have seen the wedding dance floor roof lifted to new heights and have had the pleasure of exploring more new wedding venues this year than ever before.

Thank you so much

A huge thank you goes out to the 30 couples that chose us as their wedding photographers. You know who you are! We never underestimate how much of a difficult choice it is choosing your wedding photographers (there’s a heck of a lot of us out there!) and to trust us with capturing the memories of one of the most important days of your lives. We feel humbled and appreciative that you put your faith in us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting in us. It is thanks to you guys that we have had such an incredible year. To us, you are wedding rockstars!

Time for a spot of hibernation

So as our cameras bunk down for a short hibernation, the last few galleries hop on their sleighs and head out to our newest newlyweds and we don our most festive outfits for the party season, we will take a little wander down the wedding photography highlights 2019 lane.

And to kick start this wander, if you are not partying like the guy below, over the next couple of weeks, then you are doing it wrong!

Merry Christmas everyone and a very happy New Year.
2020 couples, your big day will be here in no time!!

Love, Abbie & Lee xx

adventure wedding photographer Yorkshire
adventure wedding Middleton Lodge Yorkshire flower girls
Harrogate photography Yorkshire outdoor garden wedding
country garden marquee wedding photography Yorkshire header image
wedding dress confetti Priory Cottages
Middleton Lodge wedding photography bridal preparations
garden marquee wedding guests photographer
Yorkshire walled garden wedding photography
Crayke Manor wedding photography Yorkshire creative
wooden wedding barn photography bridal hair vine
barn wedding dance-floor photography
adventure photography home farm Yorkshire wedding
North Yorkshire farm wedding adventurous couple
adventure wedding photography Yorkshire festival bride
Yorkshire wedding photography festival party Harrogate
laid back country marquee wedding photography Yorkshire
Farm wedding brides veil
autumn themed wedding dance-floor photography
country farm marquee wedding photography
adventurous country garden wedding North Yorkshire
festoon lights wedding photographer Yorkshire Wedding Barn
festival wedding Yorkshire photography Harrogate
Yorkshire wedding dance-floor photography Wharfedale Grange
The Fig House Middleton Lodge Yorkshire documentary photography
wedding guests photography wooden barn
documentary wedding photography Yorkshire
Yorkshire Wedding Barn dance-floor photography
wedding photography Yorkshire adventurous
Harrogate Yorkshire wedding photography bohemian bride
Yorkshire wedding barn bridal preparations photography
boho bride festival wedding photography Harrogate
outdoor country marquee wedding party photography
wedding guests photography Yorkshire barn
wedding speeches documentary wedding photography
walled garden wedding photographer Middleton Lodge Yorkshire
Yorkshire Wedding Barn photographer sparklers

You can see more of our wedding photography highlights here.

Yorkshire wedding photography autumn themed bride and groom

Wedding Photography at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn – Richmond

By Wedding Photography

Lizzie & Matthew’s Autumnal Wedding at The Yorkshire Wedding Barn

“Amazing people and photos! From first meeting Abbie and Lee, we knew they were who we wanted to photograph our wedding – we emailed them about an hour after meeting to book them. Their blend into the background approach and kind personalities were a hit on our big day with both ourselves and our guests. Our wedding photographs are amazing and we couldn’t have wished for better. One of our guests even said they were the best wedding photos they’d ever seen. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Lizzie and Matthew invited us to do their wedding photography at Yorkshire Wedding Barn in Richmond. It was not our first time at the venue, but as it is one of our all time favourites we were eager to get back there. 

Yorkshire wedding photography autumn themed bride and groom

Channeling her inner wizard

As she stretched her sparkler high into the sky and shouted ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ we knew that Lizzie was having the time of her life surrounded by her nearest and dearest. We also knew that we should have discussed our joint love for Harry Potter far earlier in the day!!

Ohh that dress

Lizzie & Matthew chose to have an Autumn themed Wedding at The Yorkshire Wedding barn in Richmond in early November. Their colour palette was rich with burnt oranges, deep greens and berry tones. They scattered autumnal leaves between lanterns on either side of the wedding aisle and they decorated their table names with a customised autumnal themed emblem. For a pair of photographers who adore autumn, this wedding decor was right up our street. What more, Lizzie chose to step outside the box with her wedding dress and wore a one of a kind, floral, Savin London dress. Nothing like we have ever seen before and absolutely out of this world amazing. (It’s safe to say, we photographed the hell out of it!) 

The pair said their vows in front of their exceptional, (insta worthy) homemade floral round wedding arch and were welcomed back down the aisle as newlyweds to a room full of cheers and applause. The wedding party braved the November chill and created a confetti walkway for the pair and were rewarded with delicious mini burger canapés from the Smokin’ Blues event caterers.

All guests at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn are treated to the full run of the place on wedding days, so as we were ushered into the second Haybarn for a set of emotional and heartfelt speeches, the staff got to work readying the larger Lake Barn for the evening celebrations. 

As evening drew in, we managed to catch the very end of those golden hour rays with a sneaky little couples shoot under the hanging festoon lights. And as the band struck up, the dance floor (featuring a pineapple – don’t ask why!) filled to the brim and remained full with crazy dance moves into the night. 

Thank you for having us

Matthew and Lizzie, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day. We had such a brilliant time and will be recreating some of those incredible dance moves at the earliest opportunity. 

Wedding photography at Yorkshire Wedding Barn in Richmond – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Matthew and Lizzie.

Yorkshire Wedding Barn photographer sparklers
autumn themed wedding dance-floor photography
autumnal wedding photography groom preparations
father daughter Yorkshire Wedding Barn photography
Yorkshire Wedding Barn dance-floor photography
Yorkshire Wedding Barn photography confetti
Yorkshire wedding barn bridal preparations photography
alternative bride style wedding photography Yorkshire
wedding guests photography Yorkshire barn
bohemian wedding dress photography barn
autumn themed wedding stationery
wedding guests autumn Yorkshire Wedding Barn
boho bride wedding dress photography
autumn themed wedding photography dance-floor wedding barn
Autumn themed wedding photography Yorkshire
Yorkshire Wedding Barn Gilling West photographer
mother of the bride Yorkshire Wedding Barn
wedding guests photography Yorkshire barn
autumnal wedding dance-floor documentary photography
autumn theme wedding colours photography bridesmaids
alternative autumn themed wedding
alternative wedding dress photography Yorkshire Wedding Barn
dance-floor photography Yorkshire Wedding Barn
speeches wedding photography Yorkshire
alternative autumn themed wedding photography
Yorkshire Wedding Barn confetti photographer
groom preparations Yorkshire wedding barn Gilling West
adventurous documentary wedding photography Yorkshire
festoon lights wedding photographer Yorkshire Wedding Barn

If you’re feeling the autumnal wedding colour palette, then you might also like Sian and Toms autumnal brick barn wedding at Delbury Hall in Shropshire.

Wedding Photography at Delbury Hall – Shropshire

By Wedding Photography

Sian and Tom’s Autumnal, Brick Barn Wedding, Delbury Hall

We absolutely love love love the pictures, thank you!”

Our first meeting with Sian and Tom was by a pool, in the summer sun, drinking cocktails. Unfortunately for us, we were just dialling in to video call them and were not enjoying the same summer sun, nor cocktails. Fast forward a handful of months and we are readying ourselves to do their wedding photography at Delbury Hall in Shropshire, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work with the duo and catch up on those cocktails that we missed out on some months before. 

The good vibes

There’s something about wedding party dance floors that drag those eccentric dance moves out of the closet like no other occasion can. Be it the all day party vibes, the socialising, the good food, the rooms full of love and laughter or the alcohol (there’s a very good chance that it is the alcohol!) Everything seems to build up into one big crazy crescendo.

In the case of Sian and Tom, I have a sneaky suspicion that it had something to do with the Russian Rakia shots that they gave each and every guest during the mid afternoon speeches. 

But who knows, I suppose it could have just been the good vibes? 

Exploring the grounds of Delbury Hall

Sian and Tom chose to marry in the Holy Trinity Church in the pretty little village of Much Wenlock in Shropshire. A quaint little village full of cobbled streets, trinket shops and characterful pubs. If you haven’t been there before, stick it on your bucket list and go there!

The ceremony got off to a great start with Sian’s father attempting to calm Sian’s nerves with a packet of love heart sweets. The first sweet he pulled out and gave to his daughter read ‘I’m sorry’, and that was it. The fits of giggles followed us all day and rippled throughout the full wedding party. 

Confetti was thrown outside the church and the bus journey to the reception venue was accompanied with cans of Gin and Tonic and cupcakes. 

The red brick barn and cobbled courtyard of the stunning Delbury Hall in Shropshire made for the perfect early November wedding setting, and as we took Sian & Tom for a short stroll around the grounds we were blessed with all the autumnal colours and that elusive low November sun. 

As the sun set over Delbury Hall, the group enjoyed a hilarious and heartfelt set of speeches and as the band struck up, the dance floor kicked into gear and was fit to bursting from the very get go. Crazy dance moves, drinking games and so much hugging surrounded Sian and Tom as they partied the night away as newlyweds. 

Thank you for having us

As the end of the night drew in we found it difficult to leave. A combination of getting hilarious dance-floor photographs and pure fomo of what might happen inside that brick wedding barn once the cameras left. One thing’s for sure, Sian and Tom are absolute wedding rockstars and know how to throw one hell of a party! 

Sian and Tom, we have never laughed so hard at any wedding ever! You had us grinning from ear to ear from the get go and we feel very privileged to have been part of your special day, thank you.

Wedding photography at Delbury Hall in Shropshire – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Sian and Tom.

If you love the idea of throwing an epic party in a wedding barn setting, then you might also like Peter and Fiona’s outdoor wedding ceremony at Crayke Manor in Yorkshire.

foliage confetti Yorkshire wedding photography Wharfedale Grange

Wedding Photography at Wharfedale Grange – Yorkshire

By Wedding Photography

Craig & Debs delicately decorated, wooden barn wedding at Wharfedale Grange

“What a fantastic and creative pair! ‘Abbie Sizer Photography’ were the best fit for our wedding photography. They listened to exactly what we wanted and delivered. We felt, comfortable and completely relaxed on the day and the photos really showed this. We were thrilled! Thanks so much guys.”

Craig & Debs invited us to do their wedding photography at Wharfedale Grange in Yorkshire. This was our first time photographing at Wharfedale Grange, but not the first time we had heard of the venue and to say we were eager to get there and explore would be an understatement. 

foliage confetti Yorkshire wedding photography Wharfedale Grange

We have an Interior designer in the house

Everyone, we have an Interior designer in the house. Put down whatever you are doing, pick up your wedding planning gear and delve into the creative brilliance of Craig & Debs.

As we drove up the private driveway, rich in autumnal colours, we were greeted by the double height, glass doorway of the wooden wedding barn. Inside, Craig & Debs had lovingly illuminated the barn with oodles of foliage, wall climbing greenery and soft pink wildflowers. The banqueting tables showcased dusky pink crystal glasses with copper cutlery and the marble effect cake charmed away in the corner. The elegant signage welcomed people into the barn and a scattering of festoon lights hung throughout the venue and took pride of place at the front of the ceremony room. 

You need good music for a good party!

Craig rocked a Marc Darcy suit for the big day whilst Debs wowed in a Madison James wedding dress. Both outfits perfect for an ethereal day celebration and for owning the dance-floor with epic moves in the evening. Whilst on the subject of the dance-floor, we would like to give a huge shout out to Royal Beats from Eight Ray Music, Craig & Debs wedding band. Potentially one of the very best wedding bands we have ever come across. Check them out!

Wharfedale Grange took wedding day hosting to another level with their gin bar, huge indoor confetti cannons and a top secret prosecco tap. As the band dropped an out-of-this-world cover of ‘So Solid Crew’s’ 21 Seconds, we found ourselves racing to the centre of the dance-floor, cameras in hand doing our very best wedding photographer AND wedding guest impression. 

Thank you for having us

Craig & Debs, your wedding day was the best combination of beauty, elegance and liveliness and we were made to feel more like guests than photographers. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of it, we thoroughly enjoyed every second. 

Wedding photography at Wharfedale Grange in Yorkshire – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Craig & Debs.

flower girl wedding photography Yorkshire
foliage rose gold wedding styling Yorkshire photographer
Yorkshire wedding dance-floor photography Wharfedale Grange
Wharfedale Grange wedding photography Yorkshire bride groom
wedding photography wooden barn Wharfedale Grange Yorkshire
Yorkshire sunset wedding photography lace dress
blue suit bowtie wedding Yorkshire
wooden wedding barn Wharfedale Grange festoon lights
barn wedding dance-floor photography
wooden barn marble wedding cake
bride style wedding barn Yorkshire
wooden wedding barn speeches photography
Wharfedale Grange wedding guests photography
wooden wedding barn photography bridal hair vine
flower girl wedding photography Yorkshire
barn wedding photography rose gold copper foliage styling
festoon lights wedding barn photography
wedding guests photography wooden barn
Wharfedale Grange ethereal wedding photography
flower girl page boy wooden barn wedding photography
Wharfedale Grange wedding photography wooden barn
wedding speeches photography Wharfedale Grange
Wharfedale Grange wedding photography
lace wedding dress bridal preparations photography
wedding guests photography Yorkshire barn
rose gold copper foliage wedding barn styling
barn wedding ceremony photography
wooden barn wedding styling green foliage
family wedding photography Wharfedale Grange
bridal preparations wedding photography Yorkshire
Yorkshire wedding photography wooden barn foliage decor
wooden wedding barn speeches photography
Wharfedale Grange wedding dance-floor photography

If Craig & Deb’s delicately styled barn wedding caught your interest, then you may also like Jill and Tim’s Fig House wedding at Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire.

adventure wedding photographer Yorkshire

Farm Wedding Photography – Yorkshire Moors

By Wedding Photography

Chris & Beth’s North Yorkshire Moors, home farm wedding

“I don’t even know where to begin! You have made us laugh, cry and relive our whole wedding day tonight. We can’t thank you enough for how perfect they are!”

Just imagine having your own family farm, with a barn perfect for hosting a wedding in, which is nestled in-amongst the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Now imagine choosing to hold your wedding in August when the purple moorland Heather is in full bloom. When Chris and Beth invited us to do their Farm Wedding Photography on the Yorkshire Moors, we couldn’t have been more excited.

adventure wedding photographer Yorkshire

A home farm wedding

Chris and Beth are the two lucky buggers with this family farm, with enough space to host their own wedding, which happens to be situated within one of the most picturesque national parks of the UK, And to top it off, the lucky pair persuaded the sun to come out.

In traditional format, Lee set off to meet Chris in the morning to photography the guys preparations on the family farm, whilst I set off to meet Beth and her Bridesmaids in the nearing town of High Hawsker, Whitby. The church in which the pair chose to marry was one of those cute little Yorkshire churches that you enter through a lychgate and which has all the guests cosied into whatever available space they can find and overspilling out into the churchyard. A heartfelt, emotional ceremony was held followed by the signing of the register in potentially the tiniest little room we have ever set foot in.

As the newlyweds left the church they were showered with confetti from their guests and cheers from the rest of the village who had come out to join in the fun from beyond their garden walls. When the time came for the convoy of wedding guests to set off towards the farm, Beth, Chris, Lee and I took a little detour off the beaten track.

Exploring the North Yorkshire Moors

We spent a short 20 minutes exploring the North Yorkshire Moors with Beth and Chris, rolling up our trousers, donning wellies, trekking through the lush purple heather and hopping over the stepping stones before catching up with the rest of their guests to party on the farm.

Flower filled milk churns, hessian table runners, handcrafted wooden favours and sunflowers welcomed the guests into the wedding barn where they were treated to a trio of hilarious and emotional wedding speeches followed by delicious, pie and mash dinners from the local Board Inn pub

As the night drew in and the band struck up, we stole another 20 minutes with the newlyweds. This time we headed high up onto the top of the nearby North Yorkshire moorland to photograph the last of those summertime rays and to soak in the epic surroundings of the couples home land. 

Thank you for having us

Chris & Beth, your wedding day has secured a firm place on our all time favourites list. We had an incredible day, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of it.

Farm Wedding Photography on the Yorkshire Moors – Here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Chris and Beth.

North Yorkshire farm wedding adventurous couple
adventurous North Yorkshire wedding photography
bridesmaids wedding photography Yorkshire
Groomsmen village church farm wedding photography
adventurous couples North Yorkshire moors wedding photography
barn wedding speeches photography Yorkshire
countryside wedding photography
home farm wedding photography hog roast
Yorkshire photography farm- wedding
family home farm wedding flower crown
barn wedding speeches photography
adventurous Yorkshire wedding photography
adventurous farm wedding photography Yorkshire
sunflower thistles wedding bouquet
Yorkshire adventure wedding boho bride
Yorkshire wedding photography village church
Yorkshire wedding photography outdoor adventure wedding
outdoor wedding photography North Yorkshire moors farm
adventurous couples wedding photographer Yorkshire
North Yorkshire barn wedding dance-floor
kids at weddings photography Yorkshire
wedding guests Yorkshire barn
bride groom moorland photography
farm wedding North Yorkshire speeches photography
farm wedding dance-floor
Yorkshire moors farm wedding
Yorkshire farm barn wedding photography
outdoor adventurous wedding photography Yorkshire
home farm wedding photography dance-floor
adventure photography home farm Yorkshire wedding

If you love the idea of hosting a rustic wedding in the great outdoors, then you might also like Chris & Jenny’s festival style back garden wedding in Yorkshire.

walled garden wedding photographer Middleton Lodge Yorkshire

Wedding Photography at Middleton Lodge – Yorkshire

By Wedding Photography

Jill and Tim’s summer wedding at the Fig House, Middleton Lodge

“We absolutely love love love the photos. They are fantastic! Thank you so so much.”

Last July, Jill and Tim invited us to do their wedding photography at Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire. Middleton Lodge has long been one of our very favourite wedding venues. If you are planning your wedding and are yet to choose a venue, then make sure you head there and check it out. The walled garden and the Fig House are beautiful settings for any Spring, Summer or Autumn wedding. We are yet to photograph there in the Winter months but, if the rest of the year is anything to go by then we can imagine that the grounds do not disappoint.

walled garden wedding photographer Middleton Lodge Yorkshire

Confetti by the lichgate

Jill and Tim’s day started separately, with Tim choosing to get ready in one of the homely cottages on the Middleton Lodge estate, whilst Jill and her bridesmaids enjoyed their bridal preparations at her family home in a nearby village. When the time came, both parties hopped into their wedding cars and headed to a nearby church for their wedding ceremony. Confetti was thrown in the church grounds by the lichgate and the whole party made their way to Middleton Lodge to be welcomed with drinks and canapés. 

The weather Gods were playing ball that day in July and as the sun beamed down, the guests were able to enjoy the full afternoon and some of the evening in the superb walled gardens filled to the brim with plants and flowers. To this day, we have never seen as many butterflies and bees working away pollinating those gardens as we did then. It was truly, a sight to behold. 

Golden hour goodness

As always, Middleton Lodge pulled out all the stops and as the setting sun slipped into golden hour, we strolled through the grounds with Jill & Tim soaking in the last rays and exploring a handful of creative sun kissed photo-shoot locations. 

As evening set in, the band struck up, the tunes started flowing and it wasn’t long before Grandma was leading the conga line in her wheelchair. 

Jill & Tim threw a wedding celebration to challenge all other wedding celebrations. They injected their vision and made the Fig House at Middleton Lodge their own. They even had a toasted marshmallow station! (wedding genius)

Thank you for having us

Jill and Tim, thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers, we loved every second of your wedding day. Should you ever want to repeat the occasion exactly as it was (minus the bee sting hey Jill!) then we will be there in a heartbeat.

Wedding Photography at Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Jill and Tim.

flower girl bridal preparations Middleton Lodge
walled garden wedding photographer Middleton Lodge Yorkshire
wedding dance-floor photography
kids at weddings Middleton Lodge photographer
documentary wedding photography Yorkshire
Middleton Lodge wedding photography bridal preparations
Yorkshire Fig House dance-floor wedding photography
The Fig House Middleton Lodge Yorkshire documentary photography
outdoor walled garden documentary wedding photography
wedding guests Middleton Lodge photography
rustic wedding table decorations foliage
outdoor wedding photography confetti
the dance-floor wedding photography Middleton Lodge Yorkshire
funny wedding speeches documentary photography
walled garden wedding photography Middleton Lodge
speeches wedding barn photography
Middleton Lodge wedding photography groom preparations
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Wedding Photography at Crayke Manor – Yorkshire

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Peter & Fiona’s Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Crayke Manor

“The photos are excellent! We went through them together last night. You guys do excellent work, we are really happy with them. The pictures look beautiful in the album. Thank for being so attentive throughout the whole process.”

Wedding venue dreaming

Peter and Fiona invited us to do their wedding photography at Crayke Manor in Yorkshire. They chose an outdoor wedding ceremony followed by a party in the red brick, converted stable, wedding barns and wow, they didn’t half choose well! Please can we just take a minute to fan-girl about this venue.

Crayke Manor is a venue that is relatively new to hosting weddings and we can’t help but wonder why they have been hiding this beauty from us? Red brick barn arches, stable doors, festoon lights, hanging ivy, full greenery walls, a manor house, surrounding Yorkshire countryside and the ability to host outdoor ceremonies, what is not to love!?! 

Who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding

We have nothing against rainy weddings, in-fact we have been part of many weddings that were made even more awesome because of the rain. This day however, at this venue, with this setup, was made for the sun and on that day in July, Peter and Fiona did a deal with the weather Gods and the sun brought it!

The wedding party enjoyed an outdoor wedding ceremony, an outdoor confetti walkway, outdoor canapés and drinks, outdoor partying in the evening and an impromptu outdoor midnight field rave with the New York Brass Band. (One of our very favourite moments from any wedding ever!) In fact the only part of the day that was spent inside was the wedding meal and the speeches. 

The inside of the beautiful red brick barn stables were decorated with festoon lights, long wooden banqueting tables, candles and personalised Polaroid photographs for each of the guests. A pop up bar was situated in the corner and a speeches sweepstake was passed around the tables. (Top tip – everyone loves a sweepstake! Whether it be the length of the speeches, how many times the groom says ‘thank you’ or what the first dance song will be, guests just love it!)

The guests were treated to a hilarious set of speeches whilst the Harrogate Food and drink Company dished up a delicious wedding breakfast and the sweepstake champion collected their winnings. The Groomsmen then set to work removing the chairs and tables and readying the barn for the evening celebrations. 

Thank you for having us

Peter and Fiona a big heartfelt thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers, we had an absolute blast and still find ourselves reminiscing about your wedding over half a year on.  

Wedding photography at Crayke Manor in Yorkshire – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Peter and Fiona.

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Crayke Manor Yorkshire wedding photographer
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Garden Marquee Wedding Photography

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Emily & Jona’s laid-back, garden marquee wedding, Yorkshire

“OMG can’t contain myself!!!!! Cried already. Every single photo is absolutely incredible we cannot thank you both enough! We have laughed non stop.

We would recommend Abbie and Lee to anyone. Professional, friendly, fun and know exactly how to make you feel at ease”

During our first meeting with Emily and Jona we were introduced to their fur family. Four, wet nosed, floppy eared spaniels who licked, jumped and jostled for our attention. Being a spaniel family ourselves, we were in our element. We chatted to the pair about their upcoming wedding day and our style of photography and as we hopped back in our car at the end of the meeting, we received a call from Emily & Jona inviting us to do their garden marquee wedding photography in June. The panel of furry friends must have approved, we were delighted!

adventurous country garden wedding North Yorkshire

Few pints of Dutch courage

Fast forward some months and we are waking bright and early, excited to get started photographing the big day. As Lee sets off to meet Jona in a nearby pub (enjoying a few pints of Dutch courage), I head in the direction of the family home to meet Emily and her bridesmaids enjoying their bridal preparations.

A chorus of ooooh’s and ahhhh’s chimed up as Emily re-entered the room in her breathtaking Lenora Watters wedding dress paired with a floor length veil. The finishing hair and makeup tweaks were made, and with a slightly nervous excitement, Emily linked her Dad’s arm and, set off to become a newlywed.

The church in which Emily and Jona chose to marry was a stones throw from their family home. Top tip for anyone aiming for a relaxed, easy going wedding vibe, consider throwing the whole event in one location. It helps people to feel at ease, there are no stresses about travelling or parking and the whole event naturally runs more smoothly.

After the ceremony Emily & Jona’s guests lined the church pathway and congratulated the newlyweds with cheers and confetti. The whole party then made their way over the road to the back garden marquee where they were greeted with drinks and delicious canapés dished up by the Jill Kelly the Country Cook.

Rustic, Insta worthy, wedding decor

Emily and Jona went for rustic wedding styling with a young party vibe for their garden marquee wedding. The entrance of the marquee was decorated with milk churns full of wild flowers. Inside, they lined the wooden tables with lush sage green eucalyptus, and more greenery decorated the ceiling as it hung from chandeliers. A homemade bar stood in the corner, alongside a table displaying their guestbook and a ‘guess the first dance’ sweepstake. The couples relationship was celebrated with printed photographs of the two of them hung in various places throughout the marquee. Outside, a horse trough was filled with bottled beer and a homemade pallet sign spelled out the order of the day. The paddock was lined with hanging festoon lights and fairy lights, woven around heart shaped wire, lined the pathway.

The sun was out and the young farmers were ready to celebrate!

Thank you for having us

The guests enjoyed an afternoon in the sun followed by a hilarious set of wedding a speeches. As evening drew in, the festoon lights came into their own and we snook off to photograph the pair against the golden hour goodness of the setting sun.

From the moment the band struck up the dance-floor was full to bursting and remained that way into the early hours. Crazy dance-moves, a rendition of the YMCA and crowd surfing all followed, with the band truly living up tho their name of The Crazy Knights.

Emily & Jona, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. We thoroughly enjoyed every second from getting to know you both and Rupert (Fur baby number 1) on your pre-wedding shoot, right through to photographing the dance-floor madness on your wedding evening. Your back garden marquee wedding venue was beautiful and against the back drop of the setting sun it was out of this world. Your wedding has secured a firm spot on our favourites ever list and we are sure that it is one that we will be reminiscing about for some time to come.

Garden marquee wedding photography in Yorkshire – here is a collection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Emily and Jona.

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