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Will & Helen’s festival style tipi wedding in their back garden. 

“Lee & Abbie, Thank you! They really are unbelievable. The quiet meal we were having has just become really wine heavy thanks to browsing. We were blown away by you both on the day and these unreal images really complete the package. We’re re-living our day. Your classic car support services were exceptional and the photos are pretty good too!”

Last summer, Will and Helen invited us to do the wedding photography for their festival styled tipi wedding taking place in their back garden and boy, we’re so glad they did! 

summer back garden tipi wedding bride and groom

Picture the scene

Picture the scene…three tier wedding tipi erected, steel drums in place, birds singing as the morning sun warms the tops of the hedgerows. Will, our Groom straightens his tie whilst the caterers align the glasses ready to receive the champagne and wedding guests. All is calm and serene. A perfect fairytale wedding morning some would say. The family’s three alpacas are in a nearby field grazing peacefully, unaware that their field gate is slightly ajar, until a fellow supplier’s dog decides to have a bit of fun. 

In an instant chaos erupts. The dog is in the field and the alpacas are getting out of the field fast! A chase begins. The Alpacas in a state of panic are heading straight for the champagne table, narrowly avoiding the wedding tipi and steel drums set up on their way (Think Benson and the Deer). Dog chasing alpacas, Groom and Ushers chasing the dog, suppliers running to close the main gate leading to the road. It’s 60 seconds of utter madness!

Lee had a choice to make; should he run out of the path of the panicked Alpacas or should he take those photographs of the chase heading straight for him. We’ll leave that question with you 😉

Ohh that dress

Fast forward a little while and the animals are all back in their rightful places, calm and happy. Will and his best man hop into their Austin Healey wedding car and make their way to the church. A slight blip on the motorway as their vintage wedding car overheated (just another funny story to tell future generations right!) but they still made it to church in time for the arrival of their guests soon followed by the arrival of his Bride, Helen. 

Helen wore an incredibly beautiful Julie Vino bridal gown, with a peephole back, delicate balloon sleeves and sparkly, lace details. Accompanied with her cathedral length veil, Helen walked down the aisle with her father by her side.

After a beautiful and heartfelt wedding ceremony, the newlyweds exited the church to raucous cheers and heaps of confetti. They hopped back into their Austin Healey wedding car and set off to their wedding reception.

Will & Helen had arranged a back garden come festival wedding reception for everyone to celebrate and enjoy. Helen swapped her veil for a stunning bohemian flower crown and with the wedding tipi as the background and the steel drum band playing, guests enjoyed an afternoon of fruity cocktails under the summer sun.

festival style wedding dancing outdoors photography

You’ve got yourselves a party!

As the sun set we took Will & Helen for a wander down a nearby lane to soak in the most of that golden hour goodness and as the sun dipped over the trees, the New York Brass Band started up and a wild festival wedding party ensued. Dance-floor limbo inside the wedding tipi, wacky dance moves, an impromptu solo performance by a guest, outdoor rave scenes and you’ve got yourself a real party! We couldn’t drag ourselves away. We found ourselves driving home in the wee hours reminiscing about the day and how this was going to be one of those wedding days that would be very hard to beat!

Thank you for having us

Will and Helen, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day. We had an incredible time will be reminiscing about your wedding day for years to come. You raised the bar! 

Here is a collection of our favourite wedding photographs from Will & Helen’s festival style tipi wedding in their back garden. 

festival style wedding documentary photography bride and groom
natural photograph of bride and groom driving off in vintage wedding car
documentary wedding photography alpacas
festival style wedding newlyweds
festival wedding wild dance-floor
tipi wedding dance-floor
bride and groom church wedding stained glass windows
natural wedding photography of bride and groom
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natural wedding photography wedding guests
vintage wedding car troubles
natural photography of the bride and groom during wedding speeches
exiting church documentary wedding photography
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New York Brass Band
documentary wedding photography bride and groom adventure session
festival bride in flower crown
festival style wedding black and white photography bride and groom
confetti walk with bride and groom wedding photography
church wedding ceremony
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bride and groom saying vows wedding photography
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wedding details wild flowers
wedding guests crazy partying at festival style wedding
tipi wedding documentary photography of the wedding speeches grandma laughing
romantic photography of bride and groom
un-staged moments of wedding guests
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page boy in flower crown
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Austin Healey vintage wedding car photography
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documentary photography of the bride and groom during wedding speeches
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boho bride festival style wedding photography
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wedding tipi with fairy lights in the dark


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