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Beldi Country Club wedding in Marrakesh

“Abbie and Lee are simply AMAZING! We were lucky to have them as our wedding photographers in Marrakech and they absolutely nailed it! They captured everything so well, from the ceremony, to reception, dinner and the party. We are reliving our wedding every time we look at the photos. They are so easygoing, have great communication and super fun to have around. We didn’t really notice we had 2 photographers on our wedding day because they’re so good at blending in, this made us feel so much more comfortable. We’ll be forever grateful to both of them and would absolutely recommend them!!”

Last April, Michelle and Klaas invited us to photograph their Beldi Country Club wedding in Marrakesh. And since April last year we’ve talked about nothing else. It was epic, keep reading to hear more! 

Dreaming of a Moroccan wedding

Our unapologetic, love letter to Beldi Country Club and Marrakesh in general.

Wow. Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh is an insane wedding venue and if you’re in the process of choosing your destination wedding venue then you need to check this place out.
Michelle and Klaas contacted us a year ahead of their wedding and at that point, we’d never been to Marrakesh. We had heard wonderful things and seen gorgeous images, but never had the opportunity to visit. We’d only ever imagined what might greet us as we landed and boy, did we underestimate it! Out of all the places we have ever visited, none has been such a culture shock as Marrakesh. Everything from the sounds, smells, sights, the colours and the light is a world apart from what we’re used to here in the UK and it’s incredible! The people are super friendly and the food, maaaan, the food is delicious. Every corner we turned there was something new and exciting to experience. It’s busy, colourful, chaotic and exciting and the oasis that is Beldi Country Club is in the heart of it.

Beldi Country Club is owned by a French family and the European flair mixed with a Moroccan vibe is the perfect combo for creating that informal, yet luxurious style. The hotel is set within six hectares of rose gardens, olive trees and cacti. It’s only a ten minute drive from the Marrakesh Medina and sits at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. With accommodation on site, numerous pools, restaurants and beautiful gardens it is a brilliant destination wedding venue.

Greenhouse wedding ceremony

Michelle & Klaas married in the opulent and insta-worthy greenhouse at Beldi Country Club. Here, rich greenery hangs from the glass ceiling and bursts from every edge. Terracotta pots and Moroccan tiles inject the space with sandy desert vibes and the space has a truly luxurious, jungle oasis feel to it.
The pair each walked down the aisle with their parents and their bridal party. Keeping in line with their Dutch wedding traditions, a set of wedding speeches were read during the ceremony itself, followed by the couple’s very emotional and personal wedding vows. As they were pronounced husband and wife they were welcomed back down the aisle to cheers and confetti.

A lantern-lit reception

We were spoilt for choice as we took the couple aside for their wedding photography session. And as we explored the rose gardens and giant cacti, the guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the late afternoon sun. In true Moroccan style the venues staff wore Fez hats and as the sun set the party were treated to a traditional fire breathing performance.

The Beldi Country Club reception room is kept secret throughout the day, hidden behind huge arched doorways and floor to ceiling drapes. Once revealed, it is magical. The tables lay under a sea of hanging lanterns and the smell of tagine cooking wafts through the doorways. Michelle & Klaas celebrated with a few more speeches and then the whole party tucked into the Moroccan feast.

Outdoor dance-floor partying until 4am!

This was a bunch that knew how to party! The music struck up as soon as the plates were cleared and the outdoor dance floor was filled to the brim into the early hours. Out of the 200+ weddings that we have photographed over the last 10ish years, this has to sit within the top 3 wildest wedding parties ever. Wash off tattoos were everywhere, booze, European dance music, laser lights and naked Madonna dancing all featured. We were having so much fun that we missed our first taxi back to the Medina!

Thank you for having us

Michelle and Klaas, thank you so much for choosing us as your Marrakesh wedding photographers. Your wedding was incredible. From the rooftop pre-drinks the day before through to the 4am final dance, we loved every second. If you’re heading back to Marrakesh any time soon and are looking for a pair of photographers to document your time there, we’re your team!
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