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What is a micro wedding and should you have one?

‘Micro weddings’, the wedding industry buzz word that has been quietly doing the rounds for the past few years. A word that hit us square in the face in 2020 thanks to Covid19 and the countless government restrictions. But what is a micro wedding and should you have one?

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What is a micro wedding?

When discussing pigs, a ‘micro pig’ is a miniature version of a ‘normal’ pig. Switch that concept to weddings and voila, you land yourself with a ‘micro wedding!’

A micro wedding is exactly as the name suggests, a smaller version of your typical wedding day. A micro wedding is celebrated in a more intimate setting with less than 20 guests. They can follow the pattern of your full wedding day or they can be completely unique to the couple marrying.

Micro weddings differ from elopement weddings as elopements are usually done in secret and are attended by just the couple marrying and two witnesses. They also differ from intimate weddings which typically have somewhere between 30-60 guests.

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Why are micro weddings becoming more popular?

Although micro weddings are not a brand new concept, there is no avoiding the fact that Covid-19 hit the wedding world hard and played a large part in boosting the popularity of micro weddings. As the safety restrictions significantly reduced wedding guest-list numbers, couples who still wanted to say ‘I Do’, had to get creative and as a result, the micro wedding was born.

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micro wedding venue telfit farm
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What are the benefits of a micro wedding?

  • It’s all about the marriage! For many couples, choosing a micro wedding celebration allows them to concentrate more on the true meaning of the day without getting distracted by thoughts on traditions, what’s expected and what’s required.
  • The day will be more relaxing! There is something very relaxed and intimate about small weddings. A smaller wedding guest list enables couples to strip the planning process right back and concentrate on the things and people that are most important to them. 
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  • Tone down the spotlight! Smaller weddings take a little pressure off those who don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. For some, saying their vows in front of a smaller gathering of people is much more preferable.
  • You can let your imagination run wild! Micro weddings have the benefit of not having to follow typical wedding traditions and formalities, which allows couples to get creative and think outside the box. A smaller guest-list gives more freedom with outdoor ceremonies, in cosier rooms or in unique spaces that are inaccessible for larger weddings. It relieves any tight timing schedules, which means for more freedom with planning meals and your speeches. It allows couples to do their first dance under the stars or to scrap the top table formalities and sit with their best friends. The options are endless and with smaller weddings, you really can do your day, your way!
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  • The budget can be a lot less! Or it can be more, that’s up to you! Less mouths to feed reduces the wedding cost dramatically. Leaving you with more pennies to spend on the things that are important to you. Whether that’s an epic honeymoon for yourselves or indulging your guests with top shelf beverages. A smaller wedding can be as extra or as tight-budgeted as you want.
  • A smaller wedding does not need to compromise on style! No attention to detail needs to be lost. If anything, more time can be put towards more detailed and personal wedding favours, place names, ceremony decorations, whatever you fancy. More time can be spent planning your food too! With less people to cater for, kitchens can often be more flexible with menu choices, some ‘foodie’ couples are even opting for fine dining meals for their guests, with numerous courses and scrumptious meals.
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  • The atmosphere will not be compromised. Though the huge packed dance floor may not be making an appearance at smaller weddings, the atmosphere is not lost. A first dance surrounded by a close circle of your favourites is just as romantic as ever. Your speeches will be read to a close-knit and supportive wedding party who will raise the roof, shed the emotional tear and laugh all at the right parts. Your wedding ceremony will be held in front of those who you treasure the most and your entrance as newlyweds will be greeted with cheers from those who will cheer from the bottom of the hearts. You’ll be surprised on just how much noise 20 people can make!
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Top tips for planning a micro wedding

  • The saying ‘your day your way’ needs to seat itself firmly in your mind. You will have guests that are disappointed to not make the cut, but you are going to have to keep your focus on the fact that this is what you want and not what they want.
    It goes without saying, that in order to choose a 20 person guest-list, you are going to have to be very selective. Put aside any pressures you may feel to invite plus ones and extended family members. Explain the situation clearly to those who do not make the list. Share your photographs on social media afterwards so that they can share the joy of your intimate celebration with you.
    You can always open up the ceremony or the speeches to the wider world via Zoom if you so wish.
  • Choose your wedding venue first. You may have already seen your perfect wedding venue, but how well does that venue work with a smaller wedding party. Do they have smaller spaces for more intimate ceremonies? You don’t want to feel lost in a big open space. You want it to be just right with plenty of space to celebrate but cosy enough to build the intimate atmosphere.
  • Think outside the box. A smaller wedding guest-list can open up the doors of more creative venues: outdoor spaces, cafes, restaurants, VIP rooms, libraries. Many smaller venues offer multi-day hire which means that you can turn your one day celebration into a full weekend with your loved ones. You can entertain ideas such as welcome feasts, communal breakfasts, next day BBQ’s and games on the lawn.
  • Take good care of your guests. Since it’s a small scale event you have the luxury of thinking about each and every guest. Is there something thoughtful you can do to make the day extra special for them too?
  • Make a list of non-negotiables with your partner. This is a list of things that you do not want to compromise on, be that your ideal photographer, an epic wedding band or the dress of your dreams. Just because you’re planning a smaller wedding guest-list does not mean that anything else needs to be any less significant.
  • Be flexible with your planning. A top tip for any couple planning a wedding within this Covid day and age. Detach yourself from traditional wedding traditions, cultural demands and wedding attire expectations. Be in charge of planning your day and consider all the options open to you.
  • Consider marrying with a celebrant before your big day. Then take your micro wedding celebration to the beach front or a back garden? The freedom with planning a micro wedding is endless, enjoy it!
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Micro wedding’s are here to stay!

There is something truly magical about micro weddings, something that is hard to put into words. Perhaps the pandemic has caused so much uncertainty in our lives that seeing two people declare their love for one another has become even more poignant? Perhaps because of the pandemic we need and treasure the happy times more than ever? Or maybe it has nothing to do with the pandemic and instead it’s because we get to celebrate one of our most treasured days with the utmost important people in our lives. Whatever it is, micro weddings are so special that they are here to stay and we, for one, are thrilled!

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We’ve had the privilege of being the micro wedding photographers for a collection of couples over the last year or so and have experienced smaller celebrations in a variety of different venues. If you’re planning your own micro wedding then check out the links below to see some of the wedding venues that we love:

Click here to find out a little more about the micro wedding venues that we have come across so far.

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