Falling Foss, Woodland Wedding, Whitby – Liam & Natalie

Time to dust off our blogging gloves, AGAIN, that ‘blog regularly’ rhythm is hard to get in the swing of.

Anyway, as we sit here in post-production we find ourselves looking at a woodland wedding which screams, ‘make a blog out of me, I need a page of my own, tell everyone about me!’ and so here we are.

It is safe to say that Liam and Natalie have been our number one fans since they booked us to photograph their wedding back in 2016. Any Facebook post, any Instagram post, they have been there, waving their flags and supporting us. In fact, we have grown so used to it guys that we may need to bribe you to keep it up; a slice of cake, a bottle of red berry Bulmers, name your price.

It is also safe to say that all the flattery secured a soft spot for them in our hearts (flattery gets you everywhere!) So when their big day arrived, after what felt like the longest wait, our excitement was through the roof.

Falling Foss Tea Gardens was the venue of choice for these two love birds. A bittersweet twist in the plot as it was our very first time photographing at this stunning venue and it will be our very last as they are closing their wedding venue doors and focusing all their energies on their picture perfect tea gardens.

An excited buzz filled the woodland air, the sun was out (a relief for any outdoor wedding) and the decorations were in place. The venue were ready for their big blowout last ever wedding, the guests were ready for a big blowout day drinking, eating and partying and we were ready for a big blowout woodland wedding. All we needed now was the bride.

Hushed tones swept over the forest floor and the music started up, she was here.

Tears, laughter, confetti, romance, Bulmers, cake, more laughter, flowers, football chanting, food, food more food, more drink, polaroid photographs, one very special wooden barrel, bare feet, an insane dress, a murder on the dance floor (wait for the photographs), Jeeps, Jager shots, picnic benches, waistcoats, woodland walks, cheese, more laughter and Michael Jackson filled the next 9 hours. A blow out that exceeded all blowouts.

Wow, Liam and Natalie, WHAT A WEDDING. Thank you for inviting us to be  a part of your special day, we had an absolute blast! We will be going forward promoting outdoor woodland weddings to anyone who will listen. It has been a tough job whittling this collection down, but here we have it, here is a sneak peek at our very favourite images from your wedding day.

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