Peter & Fiona’s Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Crayke Manor

Please can we just take a minute to allow me to fan-girl about this venue. Peter and Fiona chose to have an outdoor wedding ceremony at Crayke Manor in Yorkshire and wow, they didn’t half choose well. 

Crayke Manor is a venue that is relatively new to hosting weddings and we can’t help but wonder why they have been hiding this beauty from us? 

Red brick barn arches, stable doors, festoon lights, hanging ivy, full greenery walls, a manor house, surrounding Yorkshire countryside and the ability to host outdoor ceremonies, what is not to love!?! 

Now, we have nothing against rainy weddings, we have been part of many weddings that were just made even more awesome because of the rain, but this day, at this venue, with this setup was just made for the sun, and on that day, Peter and Fiona did a deal with the weather Gods and the sun brought it!

The wedding party enjoyed an outdoor wedding ceremony, an outdoor confetti walkway, outdoor canapés and drinks, outdoor partying in the evening and an impromptu outdoor midnight field rave with the New York Brass Band. (One of our very favourite moments from any wedding ever!) In fact the only part of the day that was spent inside was the wedding meal and the speeches. 

The inside of the beautiful red brick barn stables were decorated with festoon lights, long wooden banqueting tables, candles and personalised Polaroid photographs for each of the guests. A pop up bar was situated in the corner and a speeches sweepstake was passed around the tables. (Top tip – everyone loves a sweepstake! Whether it be the length of the speeches, how many times the groom says ‘thank you’ or what the first dance song will be, people just love it!)

A hilarious set of speeches rounded up the wedding breakfast and as the sweepstake champion collected their winnings, the Groomsmen set to work removing the chairs and tables and readying the barn for the evening celebrations. 

Peter and Fiona a big heartfelt thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers, we had an absolute blast and still find ourselves reminiscing about your wedding half a year on.  

Here is a collection of our favourite photographs from this chart topper, outdoor wedding ceremony at Crayke Manor in Yorkshire.

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