Whitby Wedding, North Yorkshire – Paul & Jen

Jen and Paul wanted a wedding that broke all the stereotypes of a typical wedding. They didn’t want to follow the traditions and instead wanted to think outside the box, push the ‘classic wedding’ boundaries and come up with a unique and individual wedding.

Jen wasn’t even sure that she wanted a photographer at first, until (thankfully for us) Paul persuaded her.

Their choice of wedding preparation venue was La Rosa Hotel in Whitby. A hotel that is well worth a visit if you are looking for a truly unique weekend break. Full to the brim with curiosities, it is a hotel based on escapism and fantasy and is nothing like anywhere we have ever been before.

Jen and Paul decided to share their preparations with each other, clinking their champagne glasses and discussing what the day ahead was going to be like. It made a refreshing change to witness a couple approach their wedding day together, it even had me questioning why, generally, we stick to this archaic rule based on superstition, of not seeing each other from the evening before? 

As Jen’s Mum and Sister helped her into her stunning, cropped wedding dress and Vivian Westwood royal blue heels, Paul sipped on Whisky downstairs with his Father and Brother.

It was a glorious sunny day so the Bride, Groom and their handful of wedding guests walked to their reception at Whitby Registry Office and as the couple said ‘I do’ their guests waited outside to throw confetti.

After the well wishes were said, the group and I took a stroll down to the Whitby Whale bones for a handful of important photographs and chance for the guests to relax and enjoy being outdoors with the views of the couples favourite town.

Jen, Paul and I stepped aside for 10 – 15 minutes to enjoy some quiet time and as we did so the guests were encouraged to head off to explore Whitby. The pair wanted very relaxed, unposed and natural photographs which was music to my ears as I always prefer the natural look when it comes to wedding photography. Photographs that tell the true story of your day, capturing real moments and creating real memories. Jen, Paul and I took a little stroll along West Cliff to see the views and even popped back into La Rosa to have a nosey at what other weird and wonderful things we could find.

As late afternoon began to set in, the couple and their guests met alongside Whitby harbour for some drinks and their evening meal at The Marine. I headed off into the night eager to look back on the photographs that I had just captured of their wedding day.

This wedding will go down in the favourite files for me, it was unique and intimate and both Jen and Paul looked like rockstars in their wedding day outfits. If their response to receiving their wedding photographs is anything to go by, I think I even managed to win Jen over into thinking that hiring a wedding photographer was worth it after all.

It was a tough one to narrow down, but here are a collection of my favourite images from Paul and Jens Whitby Wedding day.

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