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Marquee weddings, Tipi weddings, festival weddings, beach weddings, back garden weddings, woodland weddings, you name it we love it! There is something about saying ‘I do’ in the great outdoors that really gets our creative juices flowing.

We have had the privilege of photographing some amazing outdoor weddings over the years. We have attended a collection of farm weddings, each one truly unique and creative with homemade bunting, homemade food, tractors, wellies and some insane ‘Young Farmer’ parties (if you know, you know). We have attended back garden weddings with mega marquees, handcrafted wedding favours and insane views. We have partied into the early hours at tipi and festival weddings and we have become truly immersed in nature with a collection of forest and woodland weddings.

We have an amazing job, right!!

It is almost impossible to feel uptight when celebrating an outdoor wedding under the open air canopy.  Even if that pesky rain does make an appearance, a sense of awakening and humour ripples throughout the wedding party and barefoot dancing on the soft forest ground becomes the done thing. There is something truly unique and refreshingly exciting about outdoor weddings and couples who venture into the outdoor wedding territory.

Rumour has it that a shake up to the UK law, which currently binds couples to legally marrying under a solid, permanent structure, is due to happen before the year is out. Which means, that for all you festival and nature loving newly engaged couples, the UK will soon be your oyster. Soon (fingers crossed) you will be able to marry under the stars in the long grass, you will be able to change that beautifully characteristic run down barn into a temporary wedding venue and you will be able to paddle into the sea to say your ‘I do’s’ against the ocean backdrop.

The proposal of the change in the currently restricting law has us outdoor wedding loving photographers on tenterhooks. We are eager to hear that the new ruling has gone through. Watch this space!

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite outdoor wedding memories from the past view years to get your creative juices flowing. If you too are planning an outdoor wedding, whether you’re dreaming of a marquee, a yurt, a barn, your back garden, the beach, the woods or a mountain wedding then get in touch, we are already excited to hear your plans!

Love laughter and happily ever after