Middleton Lodge Wedding Photography, Yorkshire – Dougie & Jordan

There’s no business like show business, like no business I know.

Except this isn’t show business, this, ladies and gentlemen is the star studded wedding of the drop dead gorgeous, Dougie and Jordan. A wedding that holds its own, that is inspiring and creative, spirited and exciting. A wedding that was action-packed from the very beginning and had us skipping flamboyantly home at the end of the evening eager to process the images and relive everything that just happened all over again.

Every year as the bookings start to pile in we see the same pattern repeating. July, August and September fill up first, closely followed by April, May and June. Then arrive the winter bookings with December and February being in demand, but then it quietens down and we find ourselves looking at a much quieter October. It is a month that seems to get a little overlooked in the ‘I’m planning a wedding stage’. Seen by many as an in-between month; not summer, not Christmas, not spring nor valentines, just simply the 10th month of the year, almost a forgotten month.

Now it’s time for a change.

We head into 2019 as strong advocates for this more subdued month. We encourage all you newly engaged couples to relook at that calendar and consider October, it is unique, colourful, exciting and October is the new black (does that work? Hmmm I’ll go with it anyway) and if my ramblings still aren’t persuading you, then just take a look at this wedding, the colours, the richness, the depth.

Ahhhh October weddings…

Dougie and Jordan considered October, Dougie and Jordan chose October and boy, what a choice that was.

The venue for this Autumnal wedding was Middleton Lodge in Richmond. A midday ceremony took place at the Lodges main house followed by drinks, canapés and a champagne tower in their bar space and library room. The guests then took a short walk through the gorgeous, leafy grounds to enjoy the wedding meal, speeches and the evening celebrations in the newly refurbished Fig House. It would be fair to assume that this day had been planned precisely on the time of the sun setting; as the guests strolled through the pretty grounds the sun reached it’s ideal golden hour height and the Middleton Lodge grounds became engulfed in golden hour gorgeousness. The low setting sun, that only offers these early evening treats in the later months, drenched the grounds in a rich glowing light. The guests enjoyed an autumnal wonderland with crunchy leaves under their feet and the warm glow of the sun on their faces. As the newlyweds took a romantic moment aside, we snapped a few opportunities that were too good be missed.

Moving into the evening celebrations now and we can honestly say that we were bowled over by this groups wedding speeches. Dougie himself is a professional actor and we can only assume that his art runs in his family genes and throughout his friends as all the speeches were delivered to absolute perfection. They had us bent over double laughing and crying at all the right times.

After the wedding speeches we were surprised with an all singing, all dancing performance from the Groom and his Ushers (Not bad the things you can do when all of your friends are in show business!). As we moved later into the evening and the party started a dance-floor to beat all dance floors erupted because not only was our Groom an actor but our beautiful bride, a professional dancer and let’s just say that we would have felt awfully inadequate doing our two step. Instead, we stuck to what we know and captured the whole thing on camera so that they can relive all those insane dance offs, the performances, the silly dance moves, the professional dance moves and the time that Dad ‘decked it’ for years to come.

It was a tough job whittling this wedding down but here are a selection of our favourite photographs from the wedding of Dougie and Jordan at Middleton Lodge.

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