East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography, Yorkshire – Gwilym & Sarah

You find your dream venue, in Gwilym and Sarah’s case this was East Riddlesden Hall in Yorkshire. You then spend hours researching the sunniest and driest UK month, you look at historic weather forecasts showing the days of the year that are most likely to be warm (even hot if you’re feeling lucky) and you settle on August, the height of the UK summertime. You book your wedding.

Then, it rains and not even a spattering of rain, it pours it down. Typical!

Now you have two choices; You get upset, feel hard done -by and let it bother you. The chances are that this mood will ripple throughout your wedding day and your guests and put a ‘literal’ dampener on the whole thing.


You suck it up and get on with it. Since when has the weather truly stopped you enjoying yourself anyway? Some even say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck (it secures the knot making it near enough impossible to untie). The chances are this mood will ripple throughout your day and you and your guests will have an awesome day regardless of the weather.

Gwilym and Sarah were confronted with this decision on the morning of their wedding day.

They chose the latter.

Gwilym has been a friend for quite some time now. We grew up in the same area and found ourselves in the same classes in school. We attended the same parties and hung out in the same circles of friends, but as the University days arrived and following university, the travelling days, we found ourselves heading down different paths and drifting apart. So when the message arrived in our inbox telling us about his engagement to Sarah and requesting if we would be their wedding photographers, we were a little excited to say the least.

We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah one spring morning in Whitby for the couples pre-wedding shoot. We hung out for a couple of hours, explored the cobbled streets and talked all about how the couple met and had been living in Australia for the past few years. We discussed their up and coming wedding and how it was set to be a full blown family affair with Dad chauffeuring and Mum providing the flowers. We couldn’t wait.

Fast forward a couple of months and the big day was upon us, we arrived with umbrellas in tow. A little nervous energy filled the air as Sarah kept Gwilym waiting at the alter as she arrived fashionably late. “Not sure what amount of time ‘fashionably late’ covers Sarah, but that’s our story and we are sticking to it.” 😉

The guests celebrated the marriage with a confetti storm indoors and then proceeded outdoors into the rain to grab some family photographs. Gwilym, Sarah and their families were a dream for us. Willing and even wanting to head outdoors for a scenery change, to explore the stunning grounds of East Riddlesden Hall and relax under their brollies even in the heavy rain.

As the day went on we enjoyed a cracking set of speeches, some delicious food, some performances from an extremely talented family and headed into the evening to perhaps one of the maddest dance floors we have ever seen. Invisible skipping rope and all!

Gwilym and Sarah, thank you for having us as your wedding day photographers. You were awesome and your wedding was awesome!

Thank you also, for accepting the weather and for embracing it in all it’s glory. To all you future Bride and Groom’s out there, the rain, if anything, only heightened the party. Make sure you have a few umbrellas to hand and we promise you that if you embrace it like these two rockstars did, then you won’t even notice.

Here are a collection of our favourite images from the wedding of Gwilym and Sarah at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley, Yorkshire.

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