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I’m a Yorkshire lass at heart. I was born in Yorkshire, spent my childhood in the great outdoors, climbing trees, crabbing at the seaside and exploring the masses of moorland. I was raised on Yorkshire sized portions and had Yorkshire puddings every Sunday regardless of what meat was on our plate.

However, since meeting Lee, my other half, Manchester born and bread, Parka jackets, football, Oasis, barm cakes the lot, I have developed a bit of a soft spot for Manchester. ‘Bit of a soft spot’ being the understatement of the century, I love the place! The music, the city lights, the crowds, the cobbles, the graffiti, the brickwork, the insane amount of eateries!

I find myself living as some sort of hybrid; a proud Yorkshire lass who is also a Mancunian wannabe. Carrying both a white and red rose, listening to Arctic Monkeys alongside Oasis and happily eating my Yorkshire puddings whilst drinking my Manchester Gin.

It is therefore, this reason, that when we get a Manchester wedding booked in, we are both a little excited to say the least.

We have had the pleasure of photographing at some wonderful Manchester wedding venues; Great John Street Hotel, The Midland Hotel, The Manchester Town Hall, La Belle Epoque and we have a few more exciting city centre weddings coming up this year, including our long awaited, first ever, warehouse wedding!

Below are a selection of our favourite Manchester wedding photographs. If you too share our excitement for those gloriously detailed brick backdrops, prefer a rooftop skyline and quite fancy the madness of a city centre wedding then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Finally, with all that said and done, one thing is for sure, no matter where I live or what rose I am carrying at the time, to me it will always be a bread bun!

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