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There are outdoor weddings and then there are forest weddings. Now let’s get this straight, we love an outdoor wedding, you may have even seen our last story about just how much we love outdoor weddings of all shapes and sizes. It is, of course, also true that a forest wedding is, essentially an outdoor wedding so surely they are the same thing right?

Wrong. They are so much more!

This page is dedicated to our favourite of all favourites, our guilty pleasure in the world of wedding venues. If you are not into your forest or woodland weddings then it’s probably best that you stop reading now, as it is highly likely that the next few paragraphs will be aimed at changing your mind 🙂 Maybe hop on over our city centre weddings page to see if that is perhaps more up your street.

We’ve all seen Twilight right? Yes ok, perhaps one of the cheesiest story lines ever but bear with me on this. Breaking Dawn Part 1, Edward and Bella’s wedding!! If you haven’t yet seen it and are planning your own forest wedding then go and watch it right away, skip the rest of the films and just head straight for the wedding. It is truly breathtaking and magical. All the flowers, the nature, the fairy lights the open air canopy, the tallest of trees, it’s pretty spectacular.

Ok, so it’s a film set and they likely had an unlimited budget and the freedom to roam the masses of American forests, but there’s nothing to say that it can’t be replicated or even beaten over here.

The UK has a handful of stunning forest wedding venues and Europe showcases even more. One of our personal favourites is Fforest in Wales, it is enchanting and magical and has it’s very own 200 year old pub.

Personally, we love exploring forests and woodlands. The soft ground under your feet, the tall trees with a leafy canopy, the forest due in the morning and the quiet stillness of the air. We feel closer to nature when roaming around forests and woodlands and we feel refreshed and revived. We often take holidays in Scotland and find ourselves exploring the masses of forest wilderness up there and regularly take our dog down to the local woodland for a run around and a paddle in the stream. To then combine our passion for wedding photography with our love for the great outdoors and in particular the magic of the forest and woodlands is a dream come true.

Here is a collection of our favourite images from the forest weddings and woodland weddings that we have had the pleasure of photographing over the years. If you are planning a forest wedding or a woodland wedding, whether that be right here in the UK, in Europe or even further afield, then get in touch, we would really love to hear from you.

Love laughter and happily ever after