Villa del Balbianello Wedding, Lake Como, Italy – Dale & Gemma

August 2017, what a month! Shall we just head back there now and do it all again?

We awoke to a welcoming hazy sunrise, the sound of the crickets and the gentle rustle of the warm summer breeze. We opened the balcony shutters and were greeted with beautiful views over a lake and in the distance the magnificent, snow capped mountains.

Though it could be mistaken for one, it was not a dream. We were in Italy, and not just by any old lake. We were in Lake Como, waking up for the long awaited wedding of Gemma & Dale. From the beginning, this wedding had promised to be exceptional and it did not disappoint.

We met the happy couple the day before their wedding and took a boat ride over to their soon to be wedding venue; Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como. As the beaming sun shone down on our backs, we stepped off the water taxi and followed the weaving pathway up through the perfectly manicured gardens to the ceremony terrace, which showcased breathtaking views across Lake Como and into the distant mountains. We explored the buildings, the gardens, saw both James Bond and Star Wars film sets and hopped back onto our water taxi over to the mainland to join the couple and their guests for their arrival drinks party.

The wedding day arrived along with another day of glorious sunshine. We kept the girls with the girls and the guys with the guys. Myself and Maggie (from Strike A Pose Wedding Movies) met Gemma and her bridesmaids for their preparations whilst Lee and Allan set off to meet Dale and his Groomsmen for theirs.

When the time arrived, the whole wedding party hopped on boats and set off across the water to the wedding venue peninsular. Arrival to a wedding venue by boat was a new one for us and is definitely one that we would like to repeat! Gemma, her bridesmaids and her father followed shortly after on their own private wedding boat.

The long weaving pathway made for the ultimate bridal arrival, as the guests waited on the terrace the music piped up and Gemma made her entrance down the aisle with her father in arm.

The afternoon was celebrated with drinks and canapés in the summer sun and Gemma and Dale took a boat ride on the lake for some together time.

After food we enjoyed one hilarious set of wedding speeches. Truly hilarious!! and the evening kicked in as the sun set over the mountains in the distance.

Dale wanted to inject a little of his Irish heritage into the wedding, so the couple flew in their wedding band from Ireland. A lot has been said about the way that the Irish party and I think that night, was no exception – the Italian staff did not know what had hit them. 15 mins in we had shoes off and dancing, 30 mins in we had ties around heads and open shirts, 60 mins we had dancing on tables, using kitchenware as imaginary microphones and Irish jigs. It was certainly a night to remember (or to try and remember for those guest who drank a little too much of the Italian wine).

Here are a few of our favourites from the wedding of Dale & Gemma.

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